Sebastian Orgambide

Born in Buenos Aires, December 1966.


2001. Sociology courses at School of Sociology, Buenos Aires University.
1990. Graduated from School of Graphic Design, Buenos Aires University.


From 1985 to 1990 developed his work as Photographer and as such,
participated in several exhibitions.
Directed independent documentaries and music videos.
As Graphic Designer, he worked for different media: Publishers, Advertising
companies and Fashion brands.
Since 1990, Art Director and Production Designer for films, commercials and TV
Working in Latin America and Europe, as well as on several projects produced
in Argentina for the U.S. general market.

2020. IP “Información Periodística”. TV Channel Studio design. (Grupo Octubre.
El nueve).
2018. Nominated Best Art Direction “The Summit”. Platino Awards (Spain).

2017. Nominated Best Art Direction “The Summit”. Fenix Awards (Mexico).

2017. Scenography and art direction in “ Oberek”. Theatre play by Mariana
Oberztern. Teatro Sarmiento. (Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires).

2017. Senior thesis tutor in Art Direction at the National School of
Experimentation and Cinematographic Realization (ENERC).

2016. Directed Music video for AMIA.

2016. Nominated Best Art Direction “El Clan”. Fenix Awards (Mexico).

2016. Nominated Best Art Direction “El Clan”. Platino Awards (Spain).

2016. Best Art Direction Award “El Clan”, Academy of Cinematographic Arts and
Sciences of Argentina.

2011. Edición Remota publishes his first photo book “Amateur”.

As Production Designer:

2022. “El Salto”, directed by Daniela Goggi. (Paramount, Rei cine).

2022. “Los Colonos”, directed by Felipe Galvez. (Rei cine).

2021. “La ira de dios”, directed by Sebastián Schindel. (Netflix, Buffalo films).

2020. “Fuego amigo”, TV Show. (El nueve).

2019. “Maradona, Sueño Bendito” TV Series. (BTF Media, Amazon Prime).

2018. “Yo, mi mujer y mi mujer muerta”, directed by Santiago Amodeo. (AZ
films, Grupo Tranquilo Prod.) Shot in Spain.

2017. “Acusada”, directed by Gonzalo Tobal. (K&S films, Rei Cine). In
competition at Venice Film Festival 2017.

2016. “La Cordillera”, directed by Santiago Mitre. (K&S Films, Mod

2016. “Permitidos”, directed by Ariel Winograd. (Tresplanos, Patagonik).

2015. “La Idea de un Lago”, directed by Milagros Mumenthaler. (Ruda Cine,
Alina Films).
In competition at Locarno Film Festival 2016.

2015. “El Clan”, directed by Pablo Trapero. (K&S Films, El Deseo, 20 th Century
In competition at Venice film Festival / Best director award.

2013. “Los Pálidos”, Short film directed by Martin Kalina. (RudaCine).

2010. “The Island”, directed by Kamen Kalev. (WaterFront film, Le Pacte).
Included in Quinzaine des réalisateurs, Cannes film festival 2011.

2010. “Abrir puertas y ventanas”, directed by Milagros Mumenthaler. (Ruda
Cine, Alina Films).
Best film at Locarno film festival 2011.

2009. “Juntos para siempre”, directed by Pablo Solarz. (Creando cine, Primer

2008. “Tetro”, directed by Francis Ford Coppola. (American Zoetrope, Tornasol).
Included in Quinzaine des réalisateurs, Cannes film festival 2009.

2006. “The Past”, directed by Hector Babenco. (K&S Films, HB films, Warner

As Art Director:

2013. “Focus”, directed by Glen Ficarra and John Requa. (Warner Bros.) Art
Director (Argentina).

2013. Art Director of the Economy and Finance National Ministry stand at
Science and technology exhibition, “Tecnópolis”.

2002. “Franco Buenaventura”, TV Serie. (TELEFE).

2001. “Cuatro Amigas”, TV Serie. (ideas del Sur).

1998. “Silvia Prieto”, directed by Martin Rejtman. (Independent film).